Monday, October 25, 2010

Step 5 Complete!

After the excitement of Carvivor, my group has decided to split the prize which is the price of the Motorola Charm Smartphone that was given to every team for the event.

But since one of our team members really wanted a new phone and he was the one that was playing with it the entire time, he offered to buy it off us.

And since a bird in hand is better than two in a bush, we decided to just sell it to him for a low low low price of $200.... and split the cash within the 3 of us.But because I paid for breakfast and then lunch for him... I'll have to deduct that from the $200 first. So in the end each of us will get $64.

So with that "sale" its $64 for me and since I decided to go for this event partially for this endeavor, I shall treat it as a task completed and add the money to the fund.

But since it is kinda a trade completed and not money found, as in Rule 8 of my rules - (No leapfrogging through trade), I shall only be cleared to Step 6!

Well it took a while but the journey was great! Goodbye Step 5 and Hello Step 6!

Can't wait for my next find and trade!

Started with $0.86
Traded Motorola Charm Smartphone for $192 split amongst 3 of us at $64 took $0.74 for Step and $63.26 for Profit!
Ended Step with $1.60
Time Taken to Complete Step - 26 Days
Profit Taken $63.26

Wish me Luck

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