Sunday, October 17, 2010

Intereting Posts and Motivation

Been reading a lot more lately after starting this blog, I guess it must be the want and desire to know more of what others who are heading for the same goal as myself are doing and how they go about achieving what they've set out to do. And along the way I happen to pick up a few gems of knowledge for myself to share here.

Over at Marelisa's Blog she has an article about this book by Pink(not the singer I'm assuming) on the 'Adventures of Johnny Bunko' which is essentially a manga style book for people who are searching for the right career and it gives advice about what to look for. There are 6 points highlighted by the book that you should internalise before starting on your career hunt.

I like points 3 , 4 & 6.

Point 3 - It's Not About You.

I like the quote by Seth Goldin: “I will sell by helping others get what they want, by identifying needs and filling them.” Its really true because "People won't care until they know how much you care". I've been taught these principles in some other form and they ring very true in the sales and service sector. We really need to see our jobs as one that is of a caring nature and not one just purely done for the sake of money to be truly happy. Luckily I can say that I am very happy with my job.

Point 4 - Persistence Trumps Talent.

Why I like it so much? Because it sums up my industry to the T. In my line of work, you have to be extremely persistent. I am in the Insurance business(O the horror! Quick Run!). See what I mean? In my line of work I face rejection every day and from everyone, and I really mean everyone. Even the person who ends up signing a plan with me has rejected me at least 5 times throughout my presentation. Being a manager, I've trained and seen plenty of fresh faces that come in and out of the industry.

And why i like point 4 is that it is so true, I've seen plenty with talent beyond words. People that can charm a bird down a tree. But yet fail within a year of joining the industry. The truly successful people in my industry are not people like them but rather the hardworking and persistent people that never calls it quits due to a bad call, that never gets discouraged because a prospect they felt had potential canceled their appointment. These persistent people are the real successes of my industry.

Point 6 - Leave An Imprint.

I believe this is probably the hardest point to digest but yet the most important. Finding ones purpose in life i believe is one of the hardest things to do let alone plan for. But in the book it challenges the reader to find your true motivation by asking yourself:"What is my sentence?" and sites examples like:
“She invented a device that made people’s lives easier.” and “He taught two generations of kids how to read.”

It stems from Clare Boothe Luce, one of the first women to serve in the U.S. Congress, who went one day in the early 1960′s to visit President Kennedy. She told him this: “A great man is a sentence.” Abraham Lincoln’s sentence was the following: “He preserved the Union and freed the slaves.” Franklin Roosevelt’s sentence was the following: “He lifted us out of a great depression and helped us win a world war.”

Luce was worried that Kennedy was trying to do too many things, and that his sentence risked becoming a muddled paragraph.

We should strive to do as much as we can in this lifetime but what exactly do we wish to be remembered by?

I, alas is still searching for my question. Maybe someday I will be able to proclaim that I made a million dollars through this endeavor, and that might be something worthy to be remembered by.

Anyway motivation is important in anything we do and we can't get motivated but inspired to take action. So may this post inspire and thus motivate anyone reading to do their best in what they have chosen to pursue and....

Wish me Luck

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