Wednesday, October 20, 2010

On and Off Gig

Had the opportunity to earn some extra cash by extracting videos for a local company, the money is not bad but the work involved is really time consuming. I guess that is why i'm being paid... To add to that the conversion of file types to suit their system is really difficult, gotta search for the right converter that has the right codec.

The source is also another issue, they used to just have the link embedded in the source page but now they have taken an additional step of embedding it in a .xml file to even further hide things. Sometimes I wonder why they are so guarding of things when their main source of business is advertising and not selling media.
O well its an extra income source even if it is just once a year...

The last time i did this for them was exactly a year ago, it seems that around this time there is a need for such services. And from what I heard there is only 1 other person that is doing this media extraction for cheap, so I suppose I'm giving him competition. At least he won't be a monopoly in this area. Capitalism Rulez!

Don't think I'll be adding this amount to the fund as it is something that I would have gotten before embarking on this endeavor.

I guess it is slightly different from the Surveys and because it is due to this endeavor that I will be putting more effort into doing those things so it is a direct correlation?

Wish me Luck

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