Sunday, October 17, 2010

AdBrite Accepts! Boo to Ad-No-Sense!!


As you might have noticed, I've started to monetize this blog and after much searching finally found a good Advertiser that lets you choose the ads you want and customize them to fit your page.

Looked at a few other advertisers but most needed the blogger to "mention" certain services or links that they will send u in an Assignment Email(which i find is horrible, because we blog what we want to blog about not take direction from advertisers right?) that's why decided to stick to the simple Banner Ads format of AdBrite. Which was actually stumbled upon by accident while I was registering for the Black Label Ads until I found a HUGE poster of a man holding his penis on the side of my blog that I realised that they did "Adult" ONLY Ads.... I just thought "Adult" meant adult focused like stocks or products for men/women but not porn... so quickly cleared their Ads and went for AdBrite instead for that more family oriented ad.

Anyway as i said before its not for the money(thou it won't do any harm to have a little more) but for the exposure and understanding of how online ads work and how much they can actually make.

Please don't feel obliged to click on any banner ad unless it really catches your eye as I do not endorse anything that is shown myself.

Wish me Luck

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