Sunday, October 24, 2010

Power98 Carvivor Rally 2010!!!

Carvivor was really fun! Heading to 5 locations to do challenges was really exciting and the challenges weren't too hard. As it was a fastest time wins event, every station we went to we just tried out best to clear them as fast as possible.

Reached Safra Tampines at 7.40 after picking up the rest of my group and proceeded to register for the event. While we were lining up, I noticed a lady holding up a sign "Lack 1", apparently one of their members could not make it at the last minute and they were left stranded looking for a forth. After waiting in line for a good 30 minutes we registered and was given a Motorola Charm smartphone to bring along to help unravel the clues that were given at each station.

The phone was quite interesting as it has a full qwerty keyboard and touch screen, loaded with Google's Andriod 2.1 OS it was nifty to use and the camera was great, the images were rather sharp considering it was only a 3 Mega-Pixel Camera. Being pre-packed with a broadband enabled sim card, my friend quickly took charge of the Charm and started messing around with it. After the briefing we were ready to set off with our first clue in hand to our awaiting stations.

The 5 stations were situated all around Singapore with 2 in the east (1 at the Road Safety Park at East Coast Park, 1 at Tampines Safra our flag off point), 1 in the west (West Coast Park Carpark 3), 1 at the Singapore Flyer and lastly at some ulu factory showroom in woodlands.

The Challenges were really interesting, at our first station we had to kick the chatek above our knee height 10 times each(the fastest team we were told completed this in 21 seconds!).

At our second station back at Tampines Safra, we each had to dribble a soccer ball round a bunch of cones and score from a certain distance on the pitch. It was a rather simple challenge but our soccer skills were not up to par so we took a little longer than expected to complete this station.

At our third station in the west we had to form a human wheel-barrel and fill a bottle with water using a small cup hung around my friends' neck. We ended up walking away with muddied clothes and a scraped knee at this station but it was fun!

At our fourth station we navigated our way down to the Singapore Flyer where we had to tie 80 rubber bands together to make a skipping rope and skip for 15 times. We really lost time here as to tie 80 rubber bands into a rope really took time, we ended up utilizing the full 5 minutes allocated for this station and our time was thus recorded as 5 minutes.(heard at the end that the fastest group completed this station under 2 1/2 minutes!)

And lastly as we arrived at the ulu warehouse in Woodlands, it started to rain so we were directed to head to the 4th floor of the warehouse where we had to fold and throw paper aeroplanes through a tyre. We were lucky, due to the rain this station was moved indoors or else we would also have to battle the wind as we threw our paper aeroplanes! Some of the earlier groups were not as lucky and had a hard time aiming the planes through the tyre.
This I found was one of the better challenges we completed because we were able to strategies and work out a design for the planes and the order at which we were going to execute the challenge.

Throughout the challenges we clocked a total time of 969 Seconds. I thought it was not bad seeing it was our 1st Carvivor Rally and we finished under 1000 Seconds.

Surprisingly the entire challenge portion of the event only took us till 2pm to complete and we had plenty of time to have our lunch and make our way back to Safra Tampines to de-register and return the smartphone. But to our surprise we were allow to keep the phone! So this was already a $470 prize that group got just for attending the event! We were also handed goodie bags which contained vouchers for discounts at some of the sponsors' retail outlets and some snacks.

We were treated after to a performance by our home grown A Cappella Vocal Band 'Tone' and rock band 'Monochrome' while we waited for the lucky draw to begin. Sadly we weren't lucky enough for the draw but were still entertained by the performances.

At the end of the day we truly enjoyed ourselves and are looking forward to next year's Power98 Carvivor Rally!

Wish us Luck for next year!

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