Saturday, October 23, 2010

Electronics & Sports Expo Roadshow

Gonna be heading to the Electronics & Sports Expo later for a Roadshow by my company. Would be more psyched if my agents were more willing to participate in the event and are enthusiastic about it...

What is the meaning of trying to make sales if they're not even willing to take the first step to approach people, I mean they are not fresh agents, they have at least been doing this for over 5 years but are still dragging their feet and not doing what needs to be done.

Sigh... Sometimes I wonder, why are they still making themselves mediocre when they all have the means to be good if not great.

Anyway there will be many opportunities for coin searching as there is expected to be a big crowd for the event.

Gotta get myself over the Dollar Hump again!

Wish me Luck

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