Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Google Android Tablet Search

Been looking around for a decent Android Tablet to play with for my birthday.. but the search seems to be getting harder, read through loads of reviews of the newer tablets like the Malata Zpad (which looks awesome by the way but is ridiculously expensive) and the Samsung Galaxy Tab (a bit small for my liking and too expensive as well).

But what really keeps catching my eye is the Zenithink ZT-180 10" tablet. It may be of an older OS - the Android 2.1 and doesn't have 3G connectivity but I'm just searching for something to play around with and it suits my budget more. Not really willing to dump my current HTC HD for an Android right now due to massive amount of data I have on my HTC HD, and the cost of actually getting an Android phone...

The one that I would like to upgrade to right now if I wanted to spend that kind of money; the HTC Desire HD; which even with my upgrade package on my phone line I'd still have to fork out another $500+ for the phone, is not really that practical for me because I still like my older HTC HD! Yes I know its a 2 year old phone but I still love it!

So I really see no purpose at all for converting like my close friends have to Android or the iPhone for that matter.. Not when everything still works great on my HTC HD.

I'm kinda what you might call a "if it ain't broken don't fix it" person. And come on.. with that kind of money I'd rather just get a nice big Tablet to play with.

So, back to my search for my Tablet... Looked through my local tech forum and found a few people that are actually bringing in the ZT-180 from china, but are selling them at a mark up of at least $80 each! That's a 30% mark up and that's just from calculating the manufacturer's price for shipping 1 tablet all the way here with DHL courier service. I'm pretty sure he's making at least 50% for each of the tablets that he sells and that is really a rip off.

Luckily a close friend of mine just happened to have to rush off to china for a week, so I happily assigned him the task of looking for a Tablet with the same specifications as the ZT-180 and shoe-string budget to find me the cheapest one available.

But alas, an update from him this afternoon proved my task a little too tough... It turns out the city he is in ;Da Lian; isn't really famous for cheap electronics and the cheapest e-book reader he could find there costs a whopping $300! Well I guess the Chinese do eat their own in that sense... (I'm not being racist.. I'm Chinese too).

So I guess its back to searching the forums for someone who doesn't like the ZT-180 they got and is willing to let it go cheap.. and I mean REALLY CHEAP! :P

Wish me Luck

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