Sunday, October 31, 2010

Laziness killed a dollar

Missed out an opportunity to get a dollar on friday and it was all because of myself... During an errand run getting a birthday present for my partner's friend, saw this trolley that was left on the 2nd floor of the multi-storey carpark.

We have these shopping trolleys in Singapore that have a lock that is released at the supermarket when you insert a dollar coin and the dollar coin is returned if you return the trolley back to the supermarket, there are mainly 2 kinds of locks, 1 in which the dollar is partially exposed and you can see it, the other which the dollar is put into a tray slot of sorts and is completely hidden when the lock is released. There seems to be a way that people can free the dollar that is exposed, so many supermarket operators have chosen to go with the hidden dollar mechanism instead. But due to the mechanism hiding the dollar, it is uncertain if someone has used a substitute for the dollar or not. The trolley I saw used the hidden dollar mechanism.

Curious to see if the dollar was still in the lock, I took a look after parking on the 4th floor and the trolley's mechanism was locked, uncertain if there was a dollar inside and I was kinda in a hurry to get the present as it was late and the shops were closing, I just left it and proceeded with my errand.

On my return to the carpark, the trolley was still there but I was tired after lugging the present all the way from the shopping center a distance away from the carpark so I abandoned the thought of pushing the trolley back to get the dollar within.. I felt really useless after driving off and my mind kept thinking back to the dollar that I could have added to the fund just for another 5 minutes work to push the trolley back to the supermarket.

I have made up my mind now that since I am unable to return cans or bottles here, I shall return those trolleys when ever I spot them! A dollar a piece is good money, the trouble is only finding them.

Still pissed at myself that I let my laziness lose me a dollar... Bah!

Wish me Luck

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