Monday, October 11, 2010

Why a Million?

Why double to a million? Why a million?
Read an article in my local papers a few months back about how a few girls got together and started their blog-shop selling clothes and fashion accessories and cleared over a million in profits a year after just 3 years. With the girls still in high school and having over a million in profits, 2 of them decided to quit school to focus on the business.
After a little calculating, it seems that they must have sold at least 3,000 articles of clothes per month at a profit of just $5 profit per article. And without the cost of having a brick and mortar store for overheads. One can clearly see why they stuck with this model of sales. They also spread their website far and wide by sharing mailing lists with other blog-shops.
Envy is the worst thing to hold onto when trying to start your own business, so I'll steer clear away and move instead towards admiration.
Admiration towards the way they used every resource available to them and look for the cheapest way to get the job done and done well. It is no easy feat to clear the million mark in a business, just ask any business start-up, staying solvent and having cash-flow is nothing to snuff at.
So back to the question, why a million?
Its the true mark that you've made it in business and i intend to hit that mark with this endeavor.

Wish Me Luck

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