Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hurdle or Hump?

Not sure what is it that is keeping me from clearing this hurdle.. Is this the Dollar hump?
I'm wondering why its taking so long so find another nickel... I mean I've been looking and looking and looking but nothing.. I feel like that I'm worst off then when I started looking for coins. I mean I've been looking everywhere.. in vending machines, around car-parks, around grocery stores and even looking wide eyed when i spot a stray trolley around the parking lot hoping there will be a nice dollar stuck in its return box but alas... zip....
But what to do.. I should just carry on and look right?
Push through! Push through!
Hopefully I can find the next coin soon to bump me over this hump..
Been ill lately as well so would be nice to find a nice shiny coin to brighten up my day.

Wish me Luck

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