Friday, October 15, 2010

Update on Step 5

Still trying to get over the dollar hump... seems that it is either people are more careful about dropping money or i really have no luck in finding them these past 2 weeks... still unable to find anything.

But on a brighter note, found some really cheap comic books for sale and rummaged through the lot to search for untapped gems. Managed to find a few gems in near mint condition including titles like 'The Mighty Thor' , 'Batman - Shadow of the Bat' , 'The Punisher War Journal' and a few other "if-ies". Anyway here is a picture of the title that i choose to put up for sale first.The Mighty Thor - Odin Awake #449 published in 1992

Each comic book cost $0.50 so I am only able to buy 1 using the fund.
Bought a total of 15 comic books because they were on further offer at 5 for $2, but it shall be put under my own personal stash for now. I will then slowly buy them from myself using the fund and for a profit, haha.
Anyway, searched for some other free online action sites and managed to find a few, will start posting the one comic book up for sale within a week as per my own Rule #5 and see how things go. Feeling excited to be able to get something going while still in the less-than-a-dollar phase.

Will be writing the purchase up as a deduction first as I really have no idea how long the comic will be stuck in limbo and if so it will just be in my itinerary.(hopefully not).
Anyway not sure if this will drop me down to step 4 due to the cost of the comic but i shall just keep myself at step 5, with the comic listed as in my itinerary with its cost price listed.

Started with $0.95
Used $0.50 to purchase comic book
Ended with $0.45

Wish Me Luck

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