Sunday, October 17, 2010

Started an account on awhile back before I found out about the Steps. Was as intrigued by the concept of doubling a penny 30 times to over 10 million as I am when I found out about the Step program.

The only thing was, for the thing to work:
A) You have to be extremely lucky &
B) Someone else will have to lose a few million in the process for you to gain your 10 million.
So with that in mind I decided that it was a ridiculous idea to purely double a million through moola.

Because as stated out in the report, most people can't stick with the program! and to add to the difficulty, someone else would have to lose half a million for you to reach your million! Just Ask Yourself "Would You Risk That Kind Of MONEY?"

But anyway since i started the account before i started this blog I've decided to add whatever amount I can muster from playing those games to this endeavor. But only after cashing it out and receiving the cheque. As it is right now, the site does not allow for foreign players to cash out so i shall slowly wait for either them to release an international version or a friend who's in the states at the time that I can cash out to lend me their address. haha *evil grin* In the mean time I shall slowly amass my moola there as well, one penny at a time. If you wish to join please do so from my link as they have a referral program as well.

Wish me Luck
(for I really need it)

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