Sunday, October 17, 2010

Online Surveys / Down a Step and Up a Step

I've been doing online surveys now for over 2 years and it has really given me a little booster here and there in terms of shopping vouchers and gifts, so far I've gotten around $40 worth of shopping vouchers and small gifts like a candy bar(yes they actually sent me a candy bar as a welcome gift) and a baseball cap.

But unknowingly, I have accumulated over 1,600 points for 1 of my survey sites over the past 2 years doing a survey here and a survey there. With 1,000 points amounting to US$50 I guess if i put a little more effort into doing those surveys I just might be able to get more out of it!
So this being another one of my free resources I think it should be added to this endeavor even though I started doing online surveys 2 years ago. As I have yet to cash it out I shall wait till I have received and cashed the cheque before adding to the total, but to help me keep track and keep me motivated it will be added to the Limbo section of my fund.

With that I have decided to drop myself down to Step 4 and back up to Step 5 again due to the comic book that I bought previously for $0.50 and the $0.37 that I've found since.
I shall keep all un-cashed items under the Limbo section and focus on bringing them into my Actual amount. This will take me back a bit but i believe it is the right thing to do. We should not be "counting our chickens before they hatch".

Started with $1.32

Ended with $0.82
$0.37 From him

Wish me Luck

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