Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Told some of my friends that i was starting this endeavor, i supposed there was a reason why in the report it says at the end not to tell anyone about it.....

What drove me to write this sort-of-lengthy entry is a show by abc called My Generation. It is a faux documentary that is supposed to look back into the 10 years since graduation of a group of teenagers of a certain high school. After watching the first 2 episodes of the show, it really got me thinking of the past and how my dreams and ambitions have turned out.

As in the show i graduated high school in 2000, making me an ideal subject to look back into the last 10 years and see how everything has unfolded. So let's see....

Back in 2000 i wanted to start a business with a friend, was given $500 capital by my mom as she thought it might be a good idea for me to learn how to do business.

Had the business plan all done up, products sourced but then the marketing and sales were not done and we didn't agree upon a lot of things, soon the other guy's enthusiasm dropped. So it fizzled and i was left with the inventory.

Managed to sell a few pieces myself after that and was given the opportunity to take on the distribution for a certain brand for the region but I was ill prepared, I was scared of failure and scared of the task at such a scale that I gave up the opportunity and well.. now I see the brand flourishing in the many years since.Who knows? if I had taken on the project, the brand would probably have failed.So lucky them???

I wasn't mature enough, lacked experience and was just plain naive. I see that now.

As for my education, I naturally thought that i would be getting my diploma in engineering. But that didn't happen, i dropped out of polytechnic late in my second year.Was not able to understand one of the essential modules, so i was out..

Looking back, if i had chosen a nearer polytechnic I would have felt more willing to head to school and not skip it.. or maybe its just an excuse that I'm giving myself now. So with that, I have pissed away 2 years just cause of dropping out from school.

Then there was my National Service, well... nothing to moan about here, really enjoyed my time serving the nation in I dare say one of the best run medical centers in the 3 services. So add another Two and a half years to the time line.

After which I joined my financial institution, till now has been around 5 years. No regrets with this career. Can't really have any, everything you want you can just go out and get if you work hard enough.

So there it is, my 10 years since high school.

My dream of being a millionaire at 25 has failed, but in the ashes of failure one will learn and rise again like a phoenix.

Why I started this endeavor?

To test myself. To Challenge myself. To set my goals out in writing.

As a wise man once said 'If you just think it, it will only be a dream. But if you write it down, it will be a goal.'

And to me goals are achievable. I've learnt to set SMART goals in management so I'll apply it:


And so a goal of earning a million dollars with this plan is achievable, as it breaks up the goal of a million into the steps to be S.M.A.R as for the T, I suppose it's up to each of us to set a time frame. For me it will be in the next 10 years. So in 2020 i shall be a millionaire purely from this endeavor.

No new find these few days but i shall persevere and keep looking!

Wish me Luck

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